Yacht Management

A luxury yacht usually operates in an exclusive and complex environment but this operation needs to be seamless and smooth. Our experienced team is here to undertake the burdens of your shoulders.

Operational Management

A yacht in operation always needs to provide excellent  service to it’s owner and guests. The performance of the yacht and the crew has to be impeccable , and In order to do that, we provide all the shore side assistance.

We are on call 24/7 to provide all the assistance that the captain and his crew may require.

Based in Cyprus and through our associates in the whole of the Mediterranean we are in a position to provide our assistance immediately.

Financial Management

Knowledgeable and responsible shore-based yacht accounting that allows  all owners to keep costs under their control.A yacht may engage in many transactions during the year. These might be in different countries, for many purposes. 

Our  team with the assistance of a specialised yacht accounting software, will process each transaction and ensure that its evaluated, categorised and recorded correctly.

By using our specially built yacht accounting software, we can then deliver budgets as well as monthly and yearly reports.

Technical Management

Our yacht maintenance team is the best in the industry, so you’ll only ever be working with experienced professionals, that will always provide you with factual, unbiased advice.

Our scope includes but is not limited to monitoring and enforcing preventive maintenance, dry dock work and supervision, refits, warranty claims.

Furthermore a dedicated 24/7 mobile number is always standing by to assist with any unexpected issues that might arise.

Yacht Certification Compliance

Yacht Shore services will make sure that your yacht will pass every yearly survey whether  this is done by the flagstate or the classification society.

Furthermore we constantly monitor that the yacht ISM and crew certification is up to date.

Yacht Safety and Security

Safety and Security are of the utmost importance,  at sea since every life is precious. Our team will work together with your captain and crew to make them the safest they can be, taking each crew member and guest into consideration.

We constantly review and test, each yachts safety equipment to make sure that everything is always at hand when needed. Furthermore we monitor and evaluate crew safety  drills so the owners, will rest assure that their crew is trained and ready to deal with any possible danger. 

By setting a clear plan for safety, lives are saved, and the owners liability is minimised.

Yacht crew placement and Administration

We insist that only the very best and adequately trained crew operate on our clients yachts and are proud to be associated, with  professional crew who   exceed Owners’ expectations.

We will recruit crew for your vessel, through a highly selective process and look to provide  the right crew for your yacht, by double-checking references and certificates. Whatever your needs might be we promise to deliver  the perfect crew and will then deal with the logistics of getting them on board, contracts, accommodation and so on.

From there onwards we will make sure that they all remain properly   certified, healthy and trained as  they should be.

COVID 19 Compliance


Dealing with COVID 19 has recently entered our routine, whether we are in need to prevent or take action once a case is confirmed. Yacht Shore services LTD is here to train and also make sure that your crew are taking the right measures to maintain the yacht as safe and COVID 19 free.

We will put together a Taylor made plan, in the unfortunate event of an infection and we will update you with all health protocols to wherever you are cruising to.