Pershing reveals The GTX Series in Miami

Presented in Miami, the sensational concept of the first model in the new Pershing GTX Series and the new Riva 130’ Bellissima, both sold to American owners. Mention made of the new wallypower58, which joins the brand’s motor yacht range, and a progress report on the wally101 full custom sailing yacht. Ground-breaking anti-collision technology coming soon exclusively to Ferretti Group yachts


The GTX Series, which joins the X Series, redefines the boundaries of the 24 to 40-metre market segment. The new series will be ground-breaking from every point of view, revolutionising the sports yacht concept and setting new standards of cruising pleasure, without affecting the advanced technology, unparalleled performance and unique style of the Pershing world.
Four fundamental pillars: Design, which will continue the Pershing family feeling while creating a new style direction with a strong identity; Comfort on board, with the maximisation of spaces and volumes and a new Pershing-style take on several key concepts such as the numerous areas in close contact with the water and the liveability of all interior and exterior spaces; Technology at the service of absolute comfort; Performance, because the GTX range will offer a cruising experience as yet unknown to the reference market.

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